S.A.F.E. Firestopping

Today’s construction practices are becoming more and more technical in regards to passive fire protection. SAFE has recognized the need to have trained technicians installing firestopping to insure proper compliance. The best products will not perform as needed if not installed properly. Our technicians receive extensive training in the proper installation practices. We can provide you with a job specific plan to standardize your firestopping that will save you time and money.

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Common constructions including:

Concrete floors, concrete walls, concrete block walls, and gypsum board/stud wall assemblies up to 10 in. (250 mm) thick.

Applications Include:

•  Electrical boxes – metallic H
•  Metallic, Plastic & Metal pipes B, C
•  Conduits & Steel ducts A
•  Switch or receptacle boxes
•  Vibration buffer
•  Noise control
•  Infection/dust control
•  Cables – electrical, data or communication F
Cable trays – single, multiple or racked
•  Smoke seal in non-rated construction
•  Slab edge/curtain wall conditions E
Head of wall – concrete fluted deck to gypsum wall
•  Head of wall – concrete slab to masonry wall
•  Control/expansion joints (wall & floor) D

Our product line include the following manufacturers: