Commercial & Industrial Coatings for Heavy-Traffic Floors, Walkways & Other Applications

Industrial Coatings

Floor, heavy traffic, deck & walkways, epoxy, non-skid, urethane & acid resistant.

After evaluating the project, we will recommend the best materials for performance that comply with building codes.

To produce successful project outcomes concerning expansion and control joints so that they don’t leak, requires years of knowledge in product specifications.

Tank Linings

SPWC, Inc. specializes in chemical tank liners, both spray applied and pre-molded. SPWC, Inc. can clean by sandblasting or ice-blasting any chemical or acid tanks and then reline with either spray applied or a pre-molded liner.

In the near future Carboline Company will be introducing a new liner for tanks that hold potable water, so be sure to visit our website later to find out more information on this new product.

Restoration Coatings

To stop roof leaks, there are many options, from the most expensive (tear-off and replacement of the existing roof) to the least expensive (a quick patch). However, there is one option that can provide a watertight and aesthetically pleasing roof while significantly increasing service life: Restoration Coating System.

In addition to nice aesthetics and waterproofing, elastomeric coatings can add a reflective surface, which works to reduce heating and cooling equipment loads on temperature-controlled buildings.